Helpful hints and tips to save money on insurance.

Over the years, our customers have asked us the following general questions about health care insurance coverage:

#1 Question: What is the cost for a family?

A: It depends on the age of the family members, their medical history and the medical benefits that are required.

Question #2: What is the co-pay for doctor visits?

A: The co-pay amount varies. Some coverage has a first dollar payment or other coverage has fixed co-pays that commonly range from $15 to $65.

Question #3: How many doctor visits are allowed per year?

A: The number of visits to your doctor varies per carrier. Typically, plans cover 1-6 visits per year per person or per family. With many plans, you have to meet the deductible first before the doctor visit co-pay benefit can be used.

Question #4: Will the health care insurance policy cover a woman wellness exam?

A: Some plans do cover a woman wellness exam and others don’t.

Question #5: Will the health care insurance policy cover prescriptions?

A: The best policy covers prescriptions without a deductible. There are tier programs available where co-pays vary, along with discount plans and plans that pay up to a certain dollar amount.

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Reminder: When you want to buy insurance, always talk to an agent and ask to see what you are buying before making a purchase. NEVER buy a health policy SIGHT UNSEEN. Request/require a webinar where you can view the policy benefits on your computer and ask questions as you go through the policy with the agent.

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