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I live in Louisiana and I missed the healthcare coverage sign-up deadline. What options do I have for Louisiana healthcare?

Even though open enrollment for 2019 coverage in Louisiana and Texas ended on December 15, 2018, you as a resident can enroll in private-based healthcare coverage.


You and your loved ones can access different healthcare coverage options for 2019 via “Trumpcare”. It has better benefits and better rates. Plus, you can also access better association health plans through Advantage Insurance Advisors.

Some of the healthcare plans offered in Louisiana are “guaranteed-issue.” Your  application can’t be declined because you have a pre-existing condition.

Louisiana insurance regulations (Title 22, Section 1072) place limits on how insurers can omit coverage for pre-existing conditions. But the regulations stipulate that short-term health insurance plans are not subject to the restrictions, as long as they have terms of six months or less.

6-Month Short-Term Plans

Thus, short-term plans in Louisiana healthcare are limited to initial terms of six months. However, the insurer must have a pre-existing condition lookback period of more than 12 months.

Louisiana does not limit or ban renewals or subsequent purchases of additional short-term coverage.

You can purchase a new plan when your short-term coverage expires. However, you will have to pass the medical underwriting for a new policy.

Association Health Plans Available from AIA

If you own a business in Louisiana, you can access association health plans through Advantage Insurance Advisors and gain affordable healthcare coverage.

Association health plans are built on the notion of volume discounting and leverage.

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