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How many doctor visits do I need on the policy ?

The real answer is Zero!

What! No doctor visits, are you crazy!!!!

Doctor visits are icing on the cake.

Doctor Visit

If you pay for a doctor visit out of pocket (negotiate for cash), you can pay $50- $125 for a general practitioner and as Low as a specialist $150.

Rates vary from region to region and network.

Your doctor gets paid immediately. And, you save money overall by lowering your monthly healthcare premium.

But, you may say … I need doctor visits if I get sick. Then, I’ll have a copay.

The more doctor visits you have, the more expensive the insurance.
Just so you know, doctor visits are factored into the premium.

Let’s say you are a family of 4 and everyone goes to the doctor 12 times in a year (48 times for the family). Each visit is $150 (worst case scenario). That’s $7,200 a year.

Does your monthly healthcare policy expense (that covers doctor’s visits) justify the offset of the $7,200 per year?

Would you file bankruptcy over $7,200? Of course not!

A few Doctor visits on the policy is usually the norm now a days and should be plenty.

According to Forbes, Americans visit the doctor on average four times a year. In other countries, doctor visits are higher. On average, those living Japan visit the doctor 13 times and year and Germany visit the doctor almost 10 times a year. Canadians visit the doctor more than 7 times a year.

The cost of healthcare in U.S. is probably one reason why Americans see the doctor less than other countries.

According to a recent Bankrate survey, about 25 percent of adults said that they or a family member have avoided seeking medical attention because of the cost.

Instead, self-care and home health natural care are growing in popularity as people are choosing these alternative methods to stay well and healthy.

Reduce the number of doctor visits covered in your healthcare coverage and enjoy a lower monthly healthcare coverage premium.

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