Helpful hints and tips to save money on insurance.

I do have a current health care coverage policy. But, how do I know if I’ve selected the best plan for me, my business and my family? Should I consider insurance renewal with the same coverage?

We get these questions all the time.

Insurance Policy Renewal

Here’s what we recommend you look at when you review your current coverage.

1) Does your medical insurance have a low deductible?

2) Does your health insurance cover you when you travel across state lines?

3) Does your health insurance have a copay for emergency room or urgent care accidents?

4) Can you go to any doctor or hospital?

5) Does your health plan pay you money while you are hospitalized?

6) Does your health plan pay for life flight?

7) Does your health insurance cover telemedicine?

8) Do you have to meet your deductible before you can use your benefits?

9) Will your health insurance pay for outpatient testing without meeting your deductible?

10) Can you name 3 benefits your health plan offers other than hospital coverage?

If your answer is “NO” or “I don’t know” to any of the above questions, give us a call. We’re available to review your current health care coverage.

Looking for Better Coverage

The ACA (Affordable Care Act), more commonly known as Obama Care (an exchange plan), has had some unintended consequences. As people consider insurance renewal this year, many health plan carriers have exited the exchange, gone private, are no longer found on the internet or not offering individual plans anymore.

Rates have gone up dramatically. The plans have become confusing and many plans have limited their benefits.

If you’re policy is not easy to understand, your health plan rates are going up or you feel its time to look around for better coverage, be sure to let us review what is in your current coverage. We’ll make sure you are not missing out on any valuable coverage!

If you did an internet search and got bombarded by telemarketers, you were most likely offered short term or limited benefit plans. These plans are normally designed for low income or people who have preexisting conditions.

These are cookie cutter plans (low cost, limited benefit, one size fits all) that may not cover that serious heart problem or cancer which you become diagnosed with after you purchased the policy on the phone sight unseen.

Take some time to meet face-to-face or schedule a webinar where you see the exact benefits offered and can ask questions. Get all your questions answered and verify that a non-expected, serious illness or accident will be covered.

Call 740.535.6440 or contact us via email to setup a day/time that’s convenient for you to discuss your current health care coverage! It may be the most informative 2-3 minutes of your life.