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Why do I get bombarded by healthcare telemarketers when I make an internet inquiry about healthcare coverage?

The internet is the new yellow pages!

Yes, it is frustrating with all the healthcare telemarketing calls. They call with so many different types of plans. Which one is best for you? It can become quite overwhelming and confusing.

Contrary to popular belief, healthcare plans are not all the same!

Your goal should be to talk to as many people as possible to get the best coverage.

Screaming profanity, hanging up, not answering the phone, putting these callers on eternal hold or making silly statements then hanging up is not get you quality healthcare coverage.

A seasoned professional only needs 2-3 minutes of actual phone time, asking you a few quick questions to get you immediate answers for the best coverage for your situation.

The healthcare telemarketers centers are always the first to call. They will switch you to someone who may be attempting to sell you a product over the phone.

Spam call blocking service YouMail reports that the average person gets 7.7 unsolicited calls in a month. Many of these calls are coming from telemarketers who are spurred on to place even more calls to you since they haven’t been able to reach you about your healthcare coverage. They can call you from several different numbers disguised to be in your phone prefix area in your state. Therefore, you get bombarded from the same people. It is OK to talk to agents from out of state, just not the same telemarketer group over and over again.

Don’t buy an insurance product sight unseen! Would you let a surgeon do your heart surgery without even meeting or speaking with you? Would you buy a car sight unseen?

When you get a call directly from a qualified healthcare insurance agent, you will find these agents have the most beneficial information and have access to private health plans. These plans typically offer more benefits than other coverage options.

We have access to quality coverage options that the healthcare telemarketers don’t have.

Take some time to discuss your options by phone or schedule a webinar with a licensed healthcare insurance expert. Review the exact healthcare benefits that you can have for 2019 and you can ask questions.

Call 281.979.5441 or contact us via email to setup a day/time that’s convenient for you to discuss your current health care coverage!

It may be the most informative 2-3 minutes of your life.