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When does open enrollment start? Is there a tax penalty for no health insurance in 2018? How about 2019?

Open enrollment starts today, November 1.

The tax bill doesn’t eliminate the penalty until 2019. That means that those who forgo health insurance for 2018 could still face a penalty.

The penalty for not having health insurance this year is $695 per adult or 2.5 percent of household income, whichever is greater.

If fewer people buy health insurance, some insurance companies might not want to stay on the state’s Obamacare exchange or offer individual plans outside the exchange in 2019.

Now, it makes even more sense to buy private healthcare insurance for 2019.

Call us to re-evaluate your current healthcare coverage.

We can show you new benefit rich healthcare options for 2019. This coverage is more along the lines of what you are looking for.

Through private healthcare coverage, there are new PPO plans with quality benefits available.

We also have access to quality healthcare options that the telemarketers don’t have.

If you went online to research healthcare coverage and are now being bombarded by telemarketers wanting you to sign up for coverage sight unseen, hang up and start blocking these calls. Many of these telemarketers are shady, asking for your personal information and then selling your private information to the highest bidder.

Take some time to discuss your options by phone or schedule a webinar with a licensed healthcare insurance expert. Review the exact healthcare benefits that you can have for 2019 and you can ask questions.

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It may be the most informative 2-3 minutes of your life.