We’re proud to have helped countless customers

Excellent service and policy. What impressed us most is the claim we had for our daughter last month. The Claim was paid very quickly with out hassle. We only had co-pay for the emergency room visit.

We called our agent during the situation, turns out he was out of state at the time but still returned our call very quickly . He gave us the advice and information we required. That’s service! A very pleasant experience with an insurance company and agent.


We made an inquiry and were bombarded with high pressure calls until we talked with Advantage Insurance Advisors, who gave us information instead of hype.

We kept in touch with our agent as he was informative and knowledgeable. Finally sat with him recently which was an excellent decision on our part. We locked in our rates for 3 years instead of the 12 months.

Found ways to keep our insurance cost down. Get money paid back to us if we were hospitalized. All in all insurance is not fun but he helped us understand the system and save money . Definitely a two-fer. Thanks!


Got the most benefits for the dollar. Very knowlgeble about insurance. He spent the time to help us understand how insurance works. We were very satisfied with the service and benefits.We will recomend to others.


Honest, fast and reliable. Thank you so much much for your help with my family’s coverage. I was extremely impressed with the knowledge and experience of your staff. This company saved me $318 a month on my life insurance and improved on health policy to cover what we really needed help with. Two thumbs up!! Thanks Advantage!


Great experience . Very informative & knowledgable. Better rates than Obamacare. Our rates were good for three years and most important we can go to any doctor. Best PPO deal out there in our opinion.


Our group Insurance for our small business (17 people) was getting un-affordable. I really thought we were going have to stop providing insurance. Advantage Insurance Advisors helped us set up our own private benefit exchange that we can control for our business.

Each of us could pick whichever benefits and insurance providers we felt best for individual needs. We saved thousands monthly over what we were paying on our old plan. We got more benefits and it’s still write off for my business and pretax deductions and compliant with all the new health care laws. I highly recommend Advantage Insurance Advisors. I now have Obama care under control! 


There is so much confusion when you look on the internet. I was referred by a friend and truly relieved to find Advantage Insurance Advisors, who knew what they were doing and talking about when it comes to insurance. Got my monies worth for sure!


My experience was very positive, and conducted very professionally. I inquired about an individual plan for me and two other people, and was comparing prices… Advantage was able to get me more coverage and at a better rate than his competitors… I was very pleased!


We inquired about medical insurance earlier this year as our rates went thru the ceiling! We had several calls from people all over the country. We got a call from Advantage Insurance Advisors about 2 days after the inquiry.

He was the only one we talked to that seemed professional, knowledgeable and sat face to face with us. We scheduled the appointment for the next day. We signed up based on the benefits and his expertise. My husband this summer had a mild stroke! The policy paid so well as we had no deductible but also paid us several thousands for having a stroke. I was able to take time off from work to tend to my husband and not worry about the bills. Needless to say we have referred several others to him.


We met with Mr. Wright late one evening. I didn’t know what to think about a stranger invading my home at that hour.

Much to my surprise everything went great. He was very cordial and took the time to explain everything to us in a way we could understand. We are relieved to have that process behind us.


We met with Advantage Insurance Advisors and others. I must say the Advantage agent knows his stuff! We had a large claim and they paid as described. We also got money for being out of work. I would highly recommend his services.


The service and plan options they provided me for our health insurance quotes were very helpful. It made our decision much easier and I am pleased with the overall service. I would recommend Advantage Insurance Advisors.